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Gametime - Buy Event Tickets

Latest Version: 7.7.6
Author: Gametime
Publish Date: January 7, 2017


Live It, Last Minute. Mobilize friends in seconds with textable tickets at last-minute prices.

Gametime makes finding the perfect live experience remarkably fast and easy (especially last-minute). We curate an epic list of the most amazing possibilities your city has to offer. Once you select your event, we examine as many as 10,000 potential seats and present you with just the 50 best values - not an impossibly long list of choices.

Each curated seat option includes a high-resolution, full-stadium, panoramic view from that section. Navigate to the seat map to see price-vs-location comparisons within amazingly detailed, true-to-life, full-color stadium maps.

Once you’ve found the perfect seats, two-tap buying (even after the event starts!) gives you the speed you need to rule the last minute. After purchase, Gametime delivers tickets directly to your phone. Text your tickets to your crew so that everyone gets in instantly. If plans change, no problem - sell your tickets with the push of a button. When you’re stuck with paper tickets, snap a quick photo and sell them in seconds.

Gametime now offers sports, concert, and theater tickets across the US and Canada.

What's New

- Redesigned login screen, with Google Smart Lock, to give you faster access to buying, selling, or scanning tickets to your favorite events.
- Don't get stuck waiting for that friend who is late. Send tickets before the event using our updated sharing feature.
- Have a ticket to sell? List it for sale by simply snapping or uploading a picture of the ticket using our Snap and Sell feature and we'll take care of the rest.

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