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Is it legal?

Latest Version: 1.0
Author: Great Bytes Software
Publish Date: September 17, 2015


What's the maximum freeway speed limit in Alabama? Can I turn right on red in New York? Even basic laws can vary wildly from one US state to another, and particularly from country to country. "Is It Legal" automatically determines your current location and shows you what's allowed using a simple traffic-light-style system. If you're interested in more information, you can easily drill down and read up on the details of each topic. "Is It Legal" contains a wide range of different laws that you'll run into in everyday situations, ranging from traffic laws to drug, gun, and alcohol laws.

Covered issues:
* Right turn on red
* Maximum freeway speed
* Calling / Texting while driving
* Hitchhiking
* Minimum Driving Age
* Marijuana use
* Open carry
* Concealed carry
* Age of Consent
* Solicitation
* Minimum age for consumption of alcohol
* Open containers
* Public intoxication
* Record Police (2-party/1-party consent)
* Present/Carry ID

Wherever you're travelling, stay on the safe side and check the app so that you can spend the night in your hotel room rather than in the county jail.

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