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Powerline - logic puzzles

Latest Version: 1.22
Author: Leaflock
Publish Date: November 4, 2017


"Powerline" is a logic puzzle kind of plumber. The goal is to light the bulb in every house from power station by adjusting the powerline with wires. At each level is given a certain amount of energy, and with each rotation of a wire it decreases. Try to complete the level in fewer turns, saving more energy, which is summarized and displayed in the rating table. The game has two modes, and if the first for someone may seem easy, on the second mode even the most experienced puzzle lovers will have difficulties . In the case, when you mess up, the game has tips to help you pass the level.


★ Different sizes of the game field
★ Hard mode - field edges are connected
★ Tips
★ No WiFi or Internet? You can play offline in anytime.
★ Achievements and leaderboard
★ Beautiful graphics
★ Pleasant sounds and animations
★ Simple and addictive gameplay

You are a lover of logic puzzles kind of plumber? "Powerline" is for you! Light the bulb everywhere! Have a good game!

What's New

Update 1.22
- Added new theme that can be unlocked for coins at shop
- New icons for coin packs at shop
- Increased speed of rotation animation
- A little change of turned elements
- Added 75 levels of package Classic

Previous Versions

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