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MileIQ - Free Mileage Tracker

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Author: Mobile Data Labs, Inc.
Publish Date: November 10, 2017


MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracker that helps you track your miles for business expenses, car insurance or maximize your tax deductions. Ditch the paper mile log in favor of convenience and greater accuracy, recording all distances down to a fraction of a mile.

Log miles easily with MileIQ, the free app that automatically tracks miles every time you drive your car. With MileIQ, you don’t need to remember to fill in start and stop times on your log, and you don’t have to keep track of tons of paperwork.

This free app for personal or business use takes advantage of smart drive-detection technology, with a built-in GPS, to log miles and even calculate their value.

Track Mileage & Automatically Create Mile Logs
- GPS detects every mile driven and logs them automatically
- Mileage log records all trips accurately, down to fractions of a mile
- Categorize business and personal drives with a single right swipe
- Each report is IRS guideline compliant that are simple to turn in to your business expenses team

Tax Deduction & Budget Help
- Savings uncovered with mile tracking! Consider that the IRS deduction rate is $.54 per qualifying mile for 2016, which means that if you drive 1,000 miles, you can deduct expenses worth $540!
- Car insurance help that fits your budget. Track your miles to fit your car insurance plan

Business Expenses & Claims for Personal, Business, or Charity
- Track miles from all your business trips and sales calls around town for reimbursements
- Expense report? Export our mileage tracking spreadsheet quickly and easily
- Self-employed? Write off your miles driven when you do your 1099.
- Write off your miles accurately from your charity work, too

With MileIQ, you don’t need to remember to fill in your start and stop times on the mileage log, and you don’t have to keep tracking miles on paper. Use this free mileage app for personal or business use and take advantage of our smart drive-detection technology, with a built-in GPS. Easily log miles and calculate their value to help your budget.

People who need to log miles for business, or for personal reasons like for deductions on taxes, download MileIQ to save time and money. Download MileIQ for free today!

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Thanks for using MileIQ to maximize your mileage deduction or reimbursement!
Every update of MileIQ includes improvements for reliability, speed and stability. Whenever we launch new features, we’ll highlight those specifically in the app.

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