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Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm

Latest Version: 1.4.0
Author: Amanotes JSC.
Publish Date: March 19, 2017


Hey guys, first of all, we're a group of fans of Tap Tap Revenge series, and we're trying to bring the game back despite our lack of resources and experience. We know that we still have a long way to go to reach Tap Tap series's level.

However, we're happy to have you supporting us! Your feedback have been our greatest motivation from day one. Thanks a lot, guys!

Recently, we have updated a Big Feature - Multiplayer Mode and we're glad that you love it!

You can also join us by following our progress on fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/taptapreborn/) and (https://twitter.com/TaptapReborn), try our Tap Tap Reborn game and give us feedback or donate us on our up-coming crowdfunding campaign!

Stay tuned and Enjoy!


For those who did not know this type of game before. Tap Tap Reborn is a beat tapping game that will redefine the way you enjoy music by offering an immersive music experience by allowing users to literally touch the beats.
On this android version, Tap Tap Reborn is quite a love live rhythm game like guitar hero live, geometry dash series, cytus, deemo, voez, dancing line and rolling sky, but not piano type.

---------- How to play ----------

Playing this is simple, but it is not easy at all - just feel the beats with your fingers: tap the ball as it passes scoring areas. The higher combo you reach, the greater your score will be. Don't worry to try because we have free music tutorial so as to make sure you understand how to play.

Turn on maximum volume or use headphone for the best love live experience as the songs are all about EDM and Rock like geometry dash. You can even try this awesome music game with your rock band or challenge your friends directly and beat them.

---------- What’s to expect ----------

- The one and only Online Rhythm game. This feature has made our game even more addictive.

- Stunning visual and a legendary game-playing style. If you are a Tap Tap Revenge fan or looking for a music tutor free, this is a must-try game. Also for geometry dash fan and guitar hero.

- Perfect game for those who love to rock, to feel every beat in an EDM song, especially those who have their own rock band, garage bands, guitar players and especially indie producers.

- Song list of different genres: the love live list of EDM, Rock, Top Billboard, Hip hop, Techno and Dubstep songs are chosen and updated every week.

- Have you ever dream to be a Rock Star or a live Guitar Hero? Are you building a band in your own garage? Then this should be your beginning: be on top of the leader board and show the world your amazing sense of music.

- Conquer all the quests and achievements to discover more songs and become a real hero of your band.

- Challenge your friends live to see who is the boss of your garage band! Don't worry if you lose, because you can Revenge them anytime by just one click. This feature is special because even top music like cytus, voez, deemo, geometry dash, dancing line and rolling sky don't have it.

- Amazing sound quality and perfect timing beats shall give you a whole new level of playing a rhythm game on mobile.

Are you ready to tap and become the next love live music hero?

Try this now for free!

P/S: We are adding more songs and always look for ways to improve the games. Please leave us feedback if any. Thank you!

If you are a music producer and would like to spread your music to the world, please feel free to shoot us an email, you know where to find it.

Privacy Policy: https://goo.gl/MmFb4l

What's New

We really appreciate your feedback and reporting errors to us. We are trying our best to improve the game however it takes time for a small group like us to build such a quality product like Tap Tap Revenge. Here is our progress this week: NEW MULTIPLAYER MODE:
- Fix lag during multiplayer. Please let us know your device via our fanpage (Tap Tap Reborn) if you still experience this problem.
- Reduce battery consumption

Previous Versions

Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm v1.2.0

Update ON:
January 10, 2017
What's New:


Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm v1.3.0

Update ON:
February 11, 2017
What's New:


Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm v1.3.2

Update ON:
February 24, 2017
What's New:


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